DealerRater for Developers


The Dealerrater API has been developed to help dealers and authorized partners access a variety of content sourced on the DealerRater website, as well as allowing dealers and their agents to access and manage their reviews and dealer information.

The API is accessed via a single website domain, SSL is required for access to the API.


All requests to the DealerRater API must be accompanied by an accessToken querystring parameter. Access tokens may be requested from DealerRater Customer Support or can be generated in the Dealer Panel for DealerRater Certified Dealers. Access tokens are associated to individual dealers and partners and they may not be shared.

NOTE: Prior to being able to use an accessToken, the DealerRater API EULA must be read and accepted.


Requests can contain optional pagination hints in the querystring in the form of, where:
  • limit: The total number of elements to return
  • offset: The offset to start returning results from

Reviews API

You can access review details for a DealerRater dealer by requesting, where:
  • DEALER_ID: The numerical ID of the dealer
  • ACCESS_TOKEN: The unique access token assigned by DealerRater

Results are returned in JSON format, with the following attributes:
        "name":"Example Dealer",
                "id": "12345",
                "dateWritten":"04/28/2011 04:22:48-04:00",
                "employees":"Mr Dan MacDonald",
                "visitReason":"Sales (New)",
                "title":"I have been going to this dealer for several years now...",
                "comments":"I have been going to this dealer for several years now.\r\nI always ask and deal with Dan MacDonald.\r\nhe's very professional, courteous and knowledgeable.\r\n\r\nDan is always one of the busiest people at the Dealership but he finds time to always be available which i really like and that true is service.\r\nI am not the easiest person to deal with but Dan always seems to be keep my heat to a minimum and do a great job.\r\nhe's calm cool and collected and i highly recommend him to all BMW owners.\r\n\r\nOn a side Note: the lady who meet and greats "pat" she is wonderfulllll... great to see her everytime.\r\n\r",
                        "dateEntered":"04/30/2011 08:23:54-04:00",
                        "responseText":"Dealer's public response."
                            "username":"Example Dealer"